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WA Explorer is a fast-growing blog that aims to showcase the best of West Australia. I create content to inspire both locals and visitors  to explore this remarkable part of the world with a focus on outdoor and nature-based activities.

Topics featured on WA Explore  include nature-based activities, adventure sports, eco-tourism, wildlife, history and almost anything else that highlights the natural environment.

If you are a tourism operator in West Australia or have a project, event or product that you would like featured then WA Explorer provides a unique advertising platform for you.

Brands that I’ve worked with:

Pan Pacific Hotels and Resorts I Thrifty Car Rental Hire I Webjet I Vision Direct I Skydive Geronimo I Australia’s Southwest I Best of the Kimberley I Sightseeing Pass Australia

For more information or to discuss ways that you can work with me, please email me at:





4 thoughts on “Work with me

  1. Hey I’m. No agent but u realise that you haven’t been to the john Forrest pub !!! It’s great , we would love to take you, my name is Bryan and my wife cathy , she’s from Switzerland and I’m Australia but I lived in Swiss and travelled everywhere in Europe an I think it’s amazing what you are doing. Keep up the good work.

  2. G’day dear,

    Indeed glad to meet you, this is Nk who used to live in Perth from 2012 to 2106.
    Unfortunately, I am in Korea. I always miss there. I am looking forward to seeing much more great posting!!

  3. Would like to have my very unique historical place mentioned in “Places to stay in Freo” please, if it would appeal to your audience? It is The Tannery in South Fremantle and it is has bags of Freo style. Thanks so much. Kind regards Nikki

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