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Where to go Stargazing in Perth

Perth Observatory
Image: Courtesy of Perth Observatory

Australia is blessed  with some of the darkest night skies in the world which makes for a pretty good reason to stay up late and mesmerise at the wonders of the universe above.

If you want to find out a bit more about distant galaxies or you’re a budding astronomer who wants to peek through an impressive telescope, then take a look at these places for a stellar astronomical experience. Continue reading Where to go Stargazing in Perth

See the sights with Sightseeing Pass Australia

Sightseeing Pass Australia

West Australia has plenty of world class attractions and experiences on offer. Whether it’s a wine tour of the Margaret River Region, visiting the Pinnacles, a day on Rottnest Island or swimming with Whale Sharks, WA is a unique holiday experience.

An easy way to experience the best of Western Australia is with Sightseeing Pass Australia. This is a one-stop shop booking service that offers a convenient way to see the best of Perth and WA without using multiple booking sites. Continue reading See the sights with Sightseeing Pass Australia

The Killer Whales at Bremer Canyon

Image courtesy of Keith Lightbody

Each year in February and March, an incredible natural wonder takes place, in a tiny speck of ocean 65km off the coast of Bremer Bay in Australia’s remote southwest. This small spot, deep in the southern ocean becomes a hotbed of activity for the ocean’s most magnificent creatures.  Killer whales, sperm whales, masses of sharks, giant squid, huge oceanic sunfish and schools of tuna all converge here to fight for food and supremacy. Continue reading The Killer Whales at Bremer Canyon