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Exploring Bells Rapids

Exploring Bells Rapids

Bells Rapids may be best known for being the best vantage spot to watch the annual Avon Descent Race, but it makes for an equally good visit  any time of the year.

Located off Great Northern Highway in Brigadoon, Bells Rapids is a lovely spot for a picnic, bush walking and getting a healthy dose of nature. In season, wildflowers abound such as the Fuchsia Grevillea. There are also plenty of kangaroos in the area, as well as an abundance of birds. Continue reading Exploring Bells Rapids

8 Awesome dog-friendly walking trails near Perth

8 Awesome dog trails near Perth

Updated, September 2017.

With the wildflower season upon us, now is the perfect time to hit the walking trails and enjoy some of the native bushland surrounding Perth.

So that our four-legged besties don’t have to miss out on the fun, here’s a list of some great dog approved walking trails near Perth. Continue reading 8 Awesome dog-friendly walking trails near Perth

Perth’s favourite outing – John Forrest National Park

Perth's favourite day out - John Forrest National Park

If anyone asks me where to take overseas visitors in Perth, I say John Forrest National Park.

Not only is this the best place in Perth, if not the state, to get up close and personal with our favourite wildlife, the kangaroos, it also provides the perfect bush escape.

Established in 1900, after the state’s first premier, John Forest National Park is West Australia’s oldest national park and remains one of Perth’s favourite day trip destinations.

Set among Jarrah and Marri Trees, most of the park remains in its natural state and is a top spot for walks and picnics. Continue reading Perth’s favourite outing – John Forrest National Park

Forest camping in Margaret River

I used to think that the Margaret River region was all about the stunning coastline, pristine beaches  and world-class surf breaks. Just as well that I’ve uncovered the region’s towering Jarrah and Karri forests and lush river banks.

Here are four great campsites where you can pitch your tent or park your caravan amongst the trees and experience  another side to Margaret River.

All sites offer basic facilities including gas BBQs and drop toilets. There are no hot showers, buzzing generators or powered sites. Instead, you’ll get close to nature and wildlife all at the bargain price of $1o per person per night.

The campsites are all slightly off the beaten path, but still close enough to the region’s best attractions. If you explore the local area  you may even find some lesser known gems. Continue reading Forest camping in Margaret River

The Killer Whales at Bremer Canyon

Image courtesy of Keith Lightbody

Updated 20 January 2018

Each year from January to April, an incredible natural wonder takes place, in a tiny speck of ocean 65km off the coast of Bremer Bay in Australia’s remote southwest. This small spot, deep in the southern ocean becomes a hotbed of activity for the ocean’s most magnificent creatures.  Killer whales, sperm whales, masses of sharks, giant squid, huge oceanic sunfish and schools of tuna all converge here to fight for food and supremacy. Continue reading The Killer Whales at Bremer Canyon

The Best Place on Earth for Stargazing

Flickr Image by Jon Connell

The magnificent night sky above our heads each night may well be West Australia’s most incredible natural asset. Compared to the northern hemisphere, the southern sky has one of the best views of the Milky Way as well as exclusive views of the stunning Magellanic Clouds, the Jewel Box cluster of stars and the Southern Cross – which can’t be seen in Europe of America.

There’s something about stargazing that instills fascination with our world and the galaxies beyond. Looking at the stars always gives rise to pondering life’s bigger questions about our existence. Continue reading The Best Place on Earth for Stargazing