Free Camping at Cliff Head

Free Camping at Cliffhead

Cliff Head is a free nature-based campsite located on the Indian Ocean Road between Leeman and Dongara.

Recently re-vamped, these sites are beautifully located among limestone cliffs and the turquoise water that this coastline is noted for.

Free camping at Cliff Head

There are three camping sections – Cliff Head North, South and Central. Campers can stay for three nights within a 28-day period at no charge.

Cliff Head Central is the largest of the three sites and includes eco toilets, undercover area with sink, benches and tables and a communal fire place.

FFree camping at Cliff Head


Free camping at Cliff Head
Seating area at Cliff Head Central

Cliff Head South is the smallest of the three sites and located inside a lovely sheltered cove. The site has eco toilets but no other facilities.

Million dollar view for free
Million dollar view for free at Cliff Head South

The beaches can get quite weedy, depending on the season and conditions. However, in nice weather, like I had here, it’s a great place to spend a day or two. Dogs are welcome too.

Access to the site is via a gravel road from the Indian Ocean Drive. The sites can be accessed by two wheel drives and are suitable for large caravans.

The Shire of Irwin has done a fantastic job in providing these sites for free. Please support them by buying locally. 

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7 thoughts on “Free Camping at Cliff Head

  1. Great location to spend a couple of days. However, if you’re allergic to bees then steer clear! Two seperate camp sites and dpzens of them around, later found out there’s a beekeepers reserve not far away.

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