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Escape the city to Lake Leschenaultia

Lake LeschenaultiaLake LeshenaultiaLocated near Chidlow in the Perth Hills, Lake Leschenaultia has an old world charm that offers the perfect city escape.

The lake is a perfect outing for a picnic with plenty of shaded areas, BBQ facilities, a swimming beach with pontoon, canoe hire and walking and cycle trails. Children are particularly well catered for, making this an ideal family destination. Continue reading Escape the city to Lake Leschenaultia

Travel through the night sky at Perth Observatory

Perth Observatory

Looking at the magnificent night sky, the inevitable question, is there anyone out there, pops into my head. Gazing at distant galaxies, planets, clusters and nebulae it’s almost impossible not to open your mind to the possibilities of the universe.

Tonight I’m at the Perth Observatory on one of their night viewing tours. After a long dark drive through the Bickley Valley, there’s something almost other worldly about standing on top of the hill at the observatory.  Surrounded by the white domes housing the  impressive array of telescopes and immersed by the millions of stars that make up the Milky Way, I feel a thousand miles away from the city. Continue reading Travel through the night sky at Perth Observatory