The ultimate 4WD campervan hire in Perth

Campervan hire in Perth

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Over the years I’ve travelled around Western Australia in many different ways. I’ve gone backpacker style on the hop on, hop off bus, I’ve done crappy car with equally crappy tent , and driven around in that notorious campervan plastered with obscenities.

While my road trip setup has become more sophisticated over the years, I can honestly say, if you’re after a driving holiday in Western Australia, nothing will beat a 4WD campervan hire in Perth with WA Experts.

Campervan hire in Perth

Do I really need a 4WD rental?

The thing that really sets a holiday in Western Australia apart from almost anywhere else in the world is the feeling of being humbled by nature. Western Australia is all about the incredible landscape, raw wilderness and the feeling of isolation.

There are so many spectacular places in West Australia that are only accessible with a 4WD and having the ability to go off-road on the dirt and gravel trails in a 4WD rental means that you can stay in these unique areas.

Ultimately this is what will make the difference between a great trip to WA and a truly memorable one.

Campervan hire in Perth

Having a 4WD campervan rental that’s fully self-contained also means that you can stay in the many campsites that are off-road rather than having to go to mainstream and often overcrowded caravan parks.

The added benefit is that instead of paying $30 per person per night at these tourist parks, you can stay in incredible locations for a fraction of this price.

WA Expert troop carriers

Campervan hire Perth

WA Experts has a fleet of Toyota LandCruiser 70 Troop Carriers or Troopies as they’re known. This is quite possibly the best 4WD vehicle you can have and ideal for a road trip in Western Australia.

The troopies are equipped with two 90 litre fuel tanks which are vital considering that hundreds of kilometres can separate petrol stations. Equally important, the troopies also have two 70 litre water tanks, another absolute essential when travelling remotely in Western Australia.

The point of difference between WA Experts and another campervan hire in Perth is the many extras.  This includes the extra-large side mirrors which make a huge difference when driving. The vehicles also come with solar panels, tyre inflation gauge, air compressor and awning with LED light.

The troopies also come equipped with Personal Location Beacons (PLB), first aid kit and dual battery which all means that you can go off-road with confidence and truly sets it apart from other 4WD rental vehicles.

All in all, depending on how you plan your trip, with a WA Experts campervan rental you can go remote for several weeks without having to stock up on essential supplies like fuel and water, which is not possible with most other campervan rentals.

What’s inside the Troopies?

Campervan hire Perth WA

WA Expert’s troopies are the ultimate luxury campervan hire and offer a lot more than simply renting a vehicle.  The convenient thing, especially if you arrive in Perth by air with a 30km luggage restriction, is that you only need to think about bringing clothes and personal items. All the hard work of what to pack for a road trip has been done for you.

The troopies from WA Experts are immaculately fitted out. There’s a pullout kitchen, electric fridge, esky, camping gear, bedding, beach towels, torches and a whole pile more that are standard for any of the rental vehicles. You can find the full list of what’s included here.

This also means that you don’t have to run to the next camping or hardware store to purchase all those bits and pieces that inevitably get forgotten, which for me always seems to be the pegs and headlight.

Bundutec Rooftop Tent

Bundutec rooftop tent

One of our favourite features of the troopies is the electric Bundutec rooftop tent. Putting the tent up is quite literally child’s play. Travelling alone with my six-year-old, we managed to have the roof up and ready to go in less than five minutes.

The main disadvantage of the Troop Carrier is that you can’t really sit inside, as you could with the more traditional campervan models. The kitchen set-up is also designed to be outside, although there is a quick fold-out option that’s convenient for a pit-stop along the way.

The details

WA Expert campervans can be hired in Perth but other pick-up and drop off locations around Australia can also be arranged at an extra cost.

WA Experts has a mix of campervans available for rent. The most common model is ideally suited to two people. However, the front bench seat can fit a third-person but this will be slightly less comfortable. An additional mattress can also be arranged and this can be set up inside the cargo area of the car.

There is also a family troop carrier available for rent. This model has a back seat bench and can seat up to five people and comes with two rooftop tents. Swags or additional tents can also be rented.

Find out more about Perth campervan hire with WA Experts here.

Read an interview with Iwan from WA Experts here.

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  2. Reni says:

    Hi Nina

    Reading your post reminds me of our trip with the troopy around Australia. It sounds like WA Experts have the perfect setup ready for people who want to explore WA. It’s just the perfect vehicle for driving off the beaten tracks.

    I’m looking forward reading more about your trips. Have you planned another tour with the Troopie?

    Best wishes from South Korea,

    • Nina B says:

      I can’t imagine a better setup for a roadtrip in WA than with a troopie. It’s by far the best option for any trip to WA. I haven’t got anything planned at the moment but can think of a hundred other trips that I want to do, especially the Gibb River Road and to see more of the Pilbara.

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  4. Thanks for sharing such a lovely post and well done. No one can get more than that hiring the Camper van for better facilities.You are really great. We have to be your faithfully. I mean that really-really good. Nice experience.

  5. Will Berliner says:

    Hi Nina,

    Would you rent a troopie to my very responsible 18 year old?



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