A love note to our favourite Perth beaches


Life really is a beach when you live in Perth. It’s a rare day that I don’t feel the sand beneath my feet and even now, I’m still in awe of the huge diversity of Perth’s beaches.

Luckily for me, Miss Six seems to have inherited my salty feet and together we’ve done a lot of beaching over the summer.  This is our love note to the beautiful stretch of coastline that we call home  and a round-up of our favourite Perth beaches.

Waterman’s Beach


The coastline from Trigg to Sorrento beach is one of my favourite strips of coast in the world. No easy feat I know, but there are myriad little sandy coves and bays tucked beneath the limestone cliffs waiting to be explored.

The crystal clear waters, reefs and islands of the Marmion Marine Park also makes this one of the best snorkelling spots in Perth. There are endless possibilities for a swim in the sheltered lagoons along this strip, but our favourite is Watermans beach. Honourable mention goes to Mettams Pool down the road.


Perth beaches
Summer in Perth looks a lot like this – right Adi?

Trigg Beach


No big city feeling here.

On the south side of these rocks you have Trigg Beach, one of Perth’s premier surfing spots. North of the limestone rocks, you have this slice of paradise that will make you feel like you’re miles away from the city. If you’re with a furry friend, there’s an equally spectacular dog beach at the next bay.

South Beach

Perth's best beaches

Perth's best beaches
Our home away from home

Our sentimental favourite, South Beach is the perfect spot for a dip in the sea and soaking up a slice of Fremantle at the same time. We love swimming to the pontoon and drying off on the green shady grass at the adjacent park.

Woodman Point

Perth's best beaches SunsetWoodmanPoint3

The wooden jetty at Woodman Point gives this nook in Perth’s south an extra appeal. Loved by kids, fishermen and the resident Pelicans, this is a lovely spot to linger for the whole day.

Mullaloo Beach – and Pinnaroo Point

Perths best beaches

The sandy stretch of beach from Mullaloo to Pinnaroo Point is the beach of my childhood and thanks to kitesurfing I still go there whenever the wind blows.

On a calm, windless day this stretch of coastline is perfect for a morning swim and the calm clear waters make it family friendly. In the afternoon when the seabreeze starts to blow Perth beaches transform into ideal kitesurfing spots.

Cottesloe Beach

Perth's best beaches

No list of Perth beaches would be complete without a mention of Perth’s most iconic beach – Cottesloe.

Swimming out to the pylon and eating fish and chips under the Norfolk Pines will always be one of Perth’s quintessential things to do.

City Beach

Perth's best beaches IMG_4462

We love City Beach at twilight and reckon it’s one of the best spots for a late afternoon dip in the sea, followed by a sunset picnic on the grass. It’s also testament to why Perth beaches are legendary for their sunsets.

Scarborough Beach


Many of my teenage years were spent soaking up the sun at Scarborough Beach and a look at the surf shops on the way home. I still love the beach for the waves and the changing moods of the sea. Junior loves the skatepark and playgrounds on the newly development beachfront esplande – win win.

Perth's best beaches
Billie Jean knows that the beach is the place to be.

Before you go:

Don’t forget to be sun smart when you’re out at the beach. Take a hat and most importantly put on sun cream before you go out in the sun. It takes up to twenty minutes for sun cream to be effective but only 10 minutes to get  sun damage. Equally important, protect your eyes from sun exposure with a good pair of sunglasses, like this fun pair from Arise Collective.

Is your favourite beach on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Arise Collective, an eyewear company dedicated to revealing the diversity around the world. 

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5 thoughts on “A love note to our favourite Perth beaches

  1. How can anyone not love the Perth beaches. We just thought about our favorite… but we can’t decide. They all have something very special. But Scarborough Beach is definitely one we loved a lot and hope to revisit 🙂

    Lovely greets from Korea,

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