About  West Australian Explorer

I’m Nina, I’m so glad you made it here.

WA Explorer is your outdoor guide to travelling along the west coast of Australia. With over 12,000km of coastline, more sunshine than anywhere else in Australia and spectacular scenery, WA is a nature’s playground for almost any outdoor activity as long as it doesn’t involve snow.

WA Explorer’s mission is to promote travel in Western Australia, with a focus on adventure sports, nature-based activities, conservation and inspiring travel tales.

If you love the outdoors, camping, water sports and nature then hopefully you’ll find inspiration here on things to do, places to visit and the best way to travel West Australia.

My focus is on outdoor activities and although I live for water sports and the beach, I’m slowly starting to get used to dry land adventures too. I love wine, coffee and dining out, but I’ll leave that to someone else to write about.


All images and writings in this blog are my own work unless otherwise stated, and may not be used,  copied or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without prior written permission.