Bon Scott rocks on in Fremantle

Bon Scott rocks on in Fremantle

I’ve always found it an odd juxtaposition that rock n’roll legend Bon Scott’s statue in Fremantle is perched on the wooden piers of the Fishing Boat Harbour.

The world’s most awesome rock n’roll vocalists doesn’t quite seem to fit in with the hoards of families and tourists that crowd the harbour in search of fish and chips and ice cream.

On second thoughts though, Bon Scott was a Freo boy and there’s nothing more quintessentially Fremantle than the fishing boat harbour where  migrants from all over the world carved out their new existence on the docks.

Originally from Scotland, Ronald Belfort aka Bon Scott moved to the port city with his family in 1956 when he was ten years old. Much of his youth was spent roaming around the streets of Fremantle. At one stage, he even worked on the crayfish boats that still dock  at the harbour.

Bon Scott Rocks on in Fremantle

Bon Scott Statue in Fremantle

Bon Scott’s statue is located in Fremantle next to Cicerello’s Fish and Chips at the Fremantle Fishing Boat Harbour on Mews Road.

The statue is supposedly life size, but it does appear smaller than the 5’5 which was Bon Scott’s height. The statue sits on top of a real Marshall amplifier and holds one of Bon Scott’s original microphones. The jeans buttons are also real.

Bon Scott Cemetery

Bon Scott’s ashes are interred at Fremantle Cemetary on Carrington Street.

Bon Scott’s grave is heritage listed and is Australia’s most visited graveyard. Enter the cemetery on the corner of High Street and Carrington Street and Bon Scott’s grave is located approximately 15 metres from the entrance.


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