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Customised 4WD Rental with WA Experts

WA Experts is a small business dedicated to campervan hire in Western Australia. WA Experts are specialised in renting out 4WD Toyota Land Cruiser Troop Carriers ‘Troopies’. As you’ll find out here, owner Iwan Boskamp doesn’t just rent out his troopies, he dishes out some pretty good travel tips and advice too. This of course,  is all part of the customised service with WA Experts. 

After moving back to Australia from Amsterdam, Iwan bought his first troopy in 2001 to explore more of WA. A few years after moving back to Australia Iwan thought it would be fantastic to share some of his love and knowledge with others who are interested in exploring our great country. This is where WA Experts was born.

Customised 4WD Rental with WA Experts

What’s the best thing about discovering WA in a ‘Troopy’?

The option to travel to remote places you normally find difficult to reach. But also having the option to be completely away from work and civilisation for an extended period of time. Our Troopies are equipped with large water tanks, dual range fuel tanks, a fridge and all camping equipment you’ll need on a trip to the middle of nowhere.

What do I need to know before I do a trip in a 4WD?

You don’t need to know anything. With each new rental we spend at least an hour on a thorough handover explaining everything from how to operate the electric rooftop tent to tyre pressures and how to set up the mobile kitchen to operating the vehicle in 4WD.

The ultimate reason to rent a 4WD campervan is to explore the outback on unsealed roads, off the beaten track. However, you must remember that you are not permitted to drive your vehicle off gazetted roads – that means not listed on a map or maintained by council.

What are the advantages of booking with WA Experts?

We are not ‘just a car rental business’. We love to share our knowledge and enthusiasm for travelling the outback. We are more than happy to help you plan a route and advise about the best time of year to visit certain places. Because we are a small business we also have a bit more flexibility in what we can do and the service we give. All our vehicles are maintained to the highest standards and we have compiled the list of items we include based on our own experience.

Customised 4WD Rental with WA Experts

What’s the ideal amount of time for a driving holiday in Western Australia?

That depends greatly on where you want to go and what you want to see. We don’t rent out vehicles for less than one week, but the average rental is around three weeks. This is a great time to discover some of the highlights down south or up north. Trying to do both and you’ll run out of time quickly! We advise a two week minimum for the southern part of WA and a three-week minimum to see the north. We also entertain One Way Rentals. If you would like to hire a Troopy from Perth to Exmouth, Broome, Darwin or even Adelaide or Alice Springs, we can make you an offer to suit!

Can you help with planning itineraries?

Yes, and we almost always do. Most international tourists have little knowledge about the vastness of our state and country. We are happy to give a second opinion on an itinerary you have built yourself or help you build one from scratch. Taking into account the ‘must-sees’ you have, the type of traveller you are and the amount of time you have available we can almost always help you getting the most out of your trip!

What’s your favourite place in WA (and why)?

It’s a close contest between Karijini (for the amazing colours, almost tropical natural pools, wildlife and waterfalls), Pemberton (for the Kari forest, hidden campsites and the climbing trees), Coral Bay (for the snorkelling which starts straight at the beach and the atmosphere of the village) or Quobba station’s Red Bluff for its remoteness, the swimming, the fishing and the ‘back to basics’ feeling. I would say making a campfire at night at Red Bluff is probably on the top of my list!

What are the top travel experiences that every traveller to WA should have?

Driving long-empty dirt roads, swimming at Wittecarra Creek in Kalbarri, a visit to the Goldfields in Kalgoorlie, Blow Holes north of Carnarvon (Combined with at least one night at Quobba station’s Red Bluff), Camping on Shelley Beach (close to Albany), Karijini National Park and driving the Gibb River Road through the Kimberley.

Have you got any secret tips about places in WA that you want to share?

When you drive from Karijini to Kalgoorlie you can take some of the smaller roads taking you via Wiluna. Wiluna is the start of the Gunbarrel Highway and the Canning Stock Route.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you permission to drive the Canning Stock Route with our vehicles, but we can give you permission to drive the Gunbarrel Highway if you have prior experience driving in remote areas with a large 4WD. What you can do is turn onto the Canning stock route and visit the first well. That might also be a great spot for a night under the stars!

What are the essential travel items that every traveller to WA should have on their packing list?

Sunscreen, Insect repellent, a hat and a camera with a lot of free space for photos and videos! If you go out on a long bushwalk taking a PLB (Personal Locator Beacon) is a great safety measure. All our vehicles come with a PLB which is the same size as a camera so perfect to take in your backpack!

Any tips for staying safe on the road?

Enjoy the trip and drive to conditions. You are on holidays and the worst thing you can do is speed past all the things you wish you would have spotted! Don’t drink and drive, it’s just not worth it. And underestimated but very important, don’t drive tired! If you are alone, take many breaks and stretch your legs, have a coffee and enjoy the view. When there is more than one driver, change places often.

Kangaroos are a danger, especially at dawn and dusk. They are known to just jump in from of your car and some are quite massive! Slow down and if a kangaroo hops in from of you, break. Don’t try to swerve around it as that might cause your vehicle to flip.

Of course, you will need a well-maintained vehicle to minimize the risk of mechanical failure.

Find out more about WA Experts here.



  1. Anne says:

    We had a troopy and it was so much fun just parking up and sleeping where ever you felt like it! Sadly we had to sell it once we had the kids!! Some great tips on visiting the west.

    • Nina B says:

      Totally agree, reckon it’s the most convenient way to explore WA . Could quite happily pile a few belongings into a Troopie and head off for a few months.

  2. NK says:

    That is a good information.

    I returned a camper van lately around 20 mins when I borrowed a camper van by Apollo.
    But they had charged me $300 that was a cost of whole day!!!! I had disputed with them for a month and then finally they charged me $150 and I had to pay it.
    After that I never ever borrow a car and never ever recommend to borrow a car for my friends.
    Whatever this is a good information for travelers in WA. They need no extra charge but travel tips and information!!

  3. Rolf Waldis says:

    We are Monica and Rolf from Switzerland. We’ve been 7 times in the remote Outback Australia, driven all the Len Beadells and others as the CSR and more. In the last time we used TCC, which doesn’t exist anymore, Now we saw on your site, that you have the same (?) vehicles (Landcrusers) and good philosophy. We intend to travel 6 weeks in September/October 2024.
    Please send us an Email address, for contact and asking more. We don’t use Facebook
    Like to hear from you.

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