Gift ideas for Outdoor Adventurers

Christmas gift ideas for outdoor adventurers

As we approach another festive season, I have presents on my mind. I’m on a constant pursuit to find the perfect gift for the people I care about and really dislike the idea of giving gifts that are mass produced and have little meaning or sentimental value behind them.

Unfortunately, my organisation skills mean that I frequently end up on a frantic last minute dash to the shops a few days before Christmas and I end up with exactly that.

Online retailer Uncommon Goods solves this problem in so many ways. Uncommon Goods focuses on selling creatively designed products by independent makers from around the world.

The other things I love about Uncommon Goods is their emphasis on social responsibility. The company is both committed to environmental sustainability as well as giving back to the community through their Better to Give program.

I had a ball trolling through the thousands of  unique products  on the site and reading about the stories behind each product. There’s something to suit every budget and taste.

You can search for gifts by theme such as Christmas Gifts for Teens, or Gifts for Friends to narrow down the search.

Here are a few of my picks for outdoor adventurers, but take a look at the site and I’m sure that you’ll find the ideal Christmas Gift Idea to suit anyone in your life.

Adventure Blanket

Adventure Blanket

It’s a blanket, poncho, pillow and your perfect companion on any outdoor adventure. The adventure blanket is made from repurposed brushed nylon flannel on top and repurposed nylon ripstop on bottom which makes it both water resistant and lightweight. It even includes a zippered pouch for valuables and a detachable hood and connectable snaps to turn it into a poncho if the weather turns bad weather.

Hand Engraved Compass Necklace

Hand Engraved Compass Necklace

These hand engraved necklaces feature a working compass and serve as a reminder that no matter where our path leads us, it’s the one that we were meant to travel. No matter how hard the journey may seem, these necklaces will encourage you to keep going.

Game Night in a Can

Game in a can

Incorporate a new game for your next camping trip. Game Night in a Can was invented by two stand up comedians and includes 30 different games of skill, team challenges and creative contests all with the aim of getting a good laugh.

Drifter Action Speaker

Drifter Action Speaker

Take your music anywhere including the water without having to take your phone with you.  This speaker lets you download all your favourite tunes and playlists and can safely be taken on any outdoor adventure – it even floats and has an eight-hour battery life.

Phone Charging Water Bottle

Phone charging bottle

Combine two essentials with this nifty Phone Charging Water Bottle. Perfect for any adventures when space is at a premium, you can charge your phone and stay hydrated at the same time. Woo hoo!

Portable Delicates Washbag

Portable Delicates Washbag

Men will never understand, but washing your delicates, including active wear on outdoor adventures is a major drag. This washbag solves that problem perfectly.

Outdoor Popcorn Maker

Outdoor popcorn maker

Elevate your camping game with this extra gizmo that the kids will love. Say hello to the perfect popcorn that you can cook over the camp fire in a matter of minutes.

Travel Roll Cord

travel roll cord

Get organised with this travel roll cord that lets you put order to the zillion cables and other bits and pieces that we drag along on our adventures. No more annoying tangles!

Little Solar Lamp Light

Little solar powered light

Pack a little ray of sunshine into your outdoor adventures with this cute Solar Lamp Light. Great for camping, this little light is also part of a global initiative to bring solar light to impoverished communities around the world.

Travel Mini Bar

Travel Mini Bar

Slightly extravagant and sure to raise a few eyebrows from your fellow campers but all so cool. The travel mini bar lets you take your cocktail making skills on any adventure and serve up first class cocktails no matter where you are. Who says camping can’t be classy?

Water Resistant Pack-able Duffel Bag

Pack able duffel bag

Murphy’s Law dictates that we always go home with more stuff than what we left with. Right ladies? This stylish duffel bag is for all instances when you find yourself accumulated a few extra bits and pieces along the way. Folds up into pocket size and water resistant. Shopping anyone!

Find your perfect Christmas Gift with Uncommon Goods and while you’re there be sure to check out the story behind Uncommon Goods and how it was created.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in collaboration with Uncommon Goods. All views and opinions are my own.












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