Gnomesville – West Australia’s quirkiest attraction

Gnomesville – West Australia’s quirkiest attraction


On the southern edge of the Ferguson Valley, lies Gnomesville, one of WA’s quirkier attractions. Here among the gum trees near Dardunup, thousands of gnomes from near and far have made this their gnome sweet gnome. 




The gnomes from Gnomesville come from all over the world. While many are locals, just as many of the gnomes have come from some of the more distant parts of the world.

Some were left by tourists in recognition of their holiday, others are tributes to sporting clubs, mother’s groups and nursing homes, some are memorials for loved ones.

Take a stroll around Gnomesville and you’ll encounter these little guys riding the school bus, flying aeroplanes, hanging from trees or sitting idly on logs. We even rescued one poor gnome who was upside down in the bottom of the creek. 

A few smurfs have found their home amongst the gnomes too and my daughter was particularly chuffed to see that Olaf, the snowman from the Disney movie Frozen lives here too. 


Gnomesville, as the story goes, started with one single gnome protesting a controversial roundabout on the intersection of Wellington Mill Road in Dardanup. What started with one gnome, soon escalated with a whole tribe of gnomes joining the protest and on it went to become today’s rapidly expanding village of gnomes.


Making friends with the friendly gnomes from Gnomesville

Where is Gnomesville

Gnomesville is a thirty-minute drive from Bunbury on the corner of Wellington Mill Road and Ferguson Road.  It’s a fun visit for both young and old and a great spot to start exploring the gorgeous Ferguson Valley area.


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  1. Jo says:

    Ooh I love Gnomesville! How lovely that you visited and took such amazing photos. It’s such a unique and special place 🙂

  2. Chantae says:

    This is sooo cute. I would love to go – especially to see the gnome detention center! We have a garden gnome (a German soccer one!) given to us by my partner’s parents. If we ever move away I know where to rehome him 🙂

    • Nina B says:

      Hi Chantae,you’re gnome will be in great company in Gnomesville, I’d hate to put a number on how many have actually ended up in Gnomesville but it’s in the thousands and growing. Think the gnomes will need a population centre to keep track of things before they over-populate.

  3. Anne says:

    My kids love Gnomesville!

  4. urbantutu says:

    I love this spot too.

  5. Aaron says:

    This place makes me chuckle; it really is fantastic! We called in last year for a look, and had a great time checking out all of the different gnomes!

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