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I love an experience that makes me see my hometown in a completely new way.

That’s how it was on our cruise into the Swan Valley on our very own Perth picnic boat.

Nauti Picnic is a new addition to the Swan River and is the most relaxing way to enjoy our beautiful river with friends or family.

The idea behind the Scandinavian designed picnic boat, is to create a sustainable and sociable outdoor experience. The GoBoat can be hired for two hours or more and you don’t need a skippers ticket to be your own captain of one of these boats.

These picnic boats are made from recycled material and the solar-powered electric motor is whisper quiet. This leaves you to enjoy the surroundings.

Go Boat Perth

We used the occasion for a family outing and to experience a part of Perth none of us was familiar with. We’re definitely not a boating family, but easily managed the challenge of these electric boats. The engine is super easy to use and even shallow water doesn’t pose a major problem.

We  had four hours to explore the river and started Bayswater Boat Ramp. From here we decided to go east towards Guildford and the Swan Valley. Although, I’ve always been familiar with this part of town and the Swan Valley there’s something very different about seeing it from the river.

There’s no noisy engine or high speeds to drag you away from your thoughts. The boat allows you to enjoy the surroundings and the people that you’re with. It’s an extremely calming way to experience the waterways and get up close to the many birds that make this their home.

Go Boat Perth

Go Boat Perth

In some places, it’s almost as if time had stood still. With so much history entwined into the Swan River it’s like getting a glimpse into the origins of the Swan River colony.

We meandered past Garvey Point, Sandy Bay and under the Guildford Bridge. We stopped at Caversham House where we wandered around the gardens. Afterwards, we decided to head back downstream and unpacked our picnic on the boat and enjoyed the surroundings.

We docked at the beautiful Woodbridge Riverside Cafe where we got off for ice cream and coffee, before heading back to Bayswater Boat Ramp. Depending on time, you could easily head off to a winery, including Mandoon Estate.

If you’re looking for an adrenaline experience, this is not it. The Nauti Picnic boat is a very leisurely and calming way to experience the natural beauty of the river and is designed to leave no trace, apart from the gentle wake of the boat.

Go Boat Perth

About Nauti Picnic Perth

Nauti Picnic Perth operates from Bayswater Boat Ramp.

The boat can be hired for two, four or six hours and carries a maximum of eight people.

No skippers ticket is required for a the boat. You will need to be over 18 and have identification.

For more information and bookings see Nauti Picnic here.

Disclaimer: I was a guest of GoBoat Perth. All thoughts and opinions about are my own. 

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  1. Casey says:

    I love this idea! What a great and unique way to visit the Swan Valley 🙂

  2. sally says:

    Great idea and a good family outing. I hadn’t heard of that before, so thanks for the info.

    • Nina B says:

      We had a great day and the perfect activity for a family outing. Definitely need to explore the Upper Swan River a bit more, so many nice places along the way to stop and discover, like the beautiful gardens at Caversham House.

  3. OMG!
    I love picnics and this just takes it to a whole new level!
    I think I might have to plan an outing for Valentines Day or something, it looks gorgeous! Thank you for your review, I never knew something like this existed until now xx

    Kez |

    • Nina B says:

      Hi Kez, it’s a new addition to the Swan River and hopefully it will keep growing. We had a fantastic and very leisurely cruise. Think it would be perfect date for Valentine’s Day.

  4. John says:

    Such a serene-looking and clean lake. I wish we had similar lakes in this part of the world. I’m from India and the best we have are beaches that have a mix of water and garbage. Lakes and ponds are history here. Nonetheless, they do have boating but it’s not remotely as fun as you have described. Makes me want to visit Australia right away. Thanks, Nina.

    • Nina B says:

      Thanks for the visit John. We are very lucky that we have pristine beaches and clean rivers in West Australia, this should definitely not be taken for granted and hopefully it will remain like this for future generations. I hope that you can visit West Australia sometime in the future and try the GoBoat on the Swan River.

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