How long does a skydive last?

How long does a skydive last

Skydiving – it’s on a lot of bucket lists but many people are often confused about how long a skydive lasts, getting confused between the entire jump process and just the freefall.

Generally, you should set aside at a minimum two to three hours for your skydive from start to finish. This gives time for the preparation side, including paperwork and briefings, time for your flight to get up in the air, your freefall and then your parachute ride.

It is certainly recommended to have a flexible timetable on the day of your skydive.

How long the actual skydive lasts will depend on how high you go.

Guide to how long a skydive lasts

Taking out the preparation and briefing side of the skydive, your skydive time will vary depending on how high you go.

Skydiving on Rottnest Island begins with a 20-minute flight where you will get some amazing views of the island, the Western Australian Coastline and the city and surrounding areas.

In this time, your instructor will get you ready to jump out of that perfectly good plane.

The below outlines the freefall time from the various heights:

8,000ft – 20 seconds of freefall

10,000ft – 30 seconds of freefall

14,000ft – 60 seconds of freefall

15,000ft – 66 seconds of freefall

Once you get to 5,000ft, your tandem skydive instructor will deploy your main parachute, and everything will slow down.

You will then get to enjoy five minutes under the parachute, soaking in those amazing views some more, before you land safely on the beach at Rottnest Island.

Once you’ve finished your skydive, it’s certainly recommended to sit down for a drink and let your friends and family know about the entire experience.

How long do the effects of skydiving last?

How long does a skydive last

Something many people don’t take into consideration is how long the effects of a skydive will last. You can expect some immediate effects to kick in as soon as you land – relief and joy being the main two.

Often, skydivers report feeling like a whole new person after they jump out of a plane. This is often due to a range of things, but it gives people a new perception of the world, and a “ready to face anything” attitude.

This natural high will certainly last the rest of the day while your body is burning off the excess adrenaline.

One side effect to skydiving that lasts as long as you allow it to, is a feeling of empowerment. You just made a huge decision to jump out of a perfectly solid plane and freefall towards the earth.

What else can you challenge and motivate yourself to do? By allowing your mind and body to continue on with feeling empowered, you can start to achieve things you’ve had on your to-do list for years.

How long does it take to get to Rottnest Island?

Rottnest Island is a great day trip from Perth. When skydiving on Rottnest Island, there are a number of ways to access the island and your skydiving location.

You can travel via ferry on the Rottnest Express, Rottnest Fast Ferries or Sealink Rottnest Island, travel by plane with the Rottnest team and skydive without landing or catch a helicopter.

The Rottnest Express takes around 30 minutes from Fremantle and Northport while Perth to Rottnest takes just over 90 minutes. Rottnest Fast Ferries take 45 minutes from Hillarys to the island, while Sealink takes between 30 minutes and 90 minutes from Fremantle and Perth.

Travel by plane is of course much quicker and you will get to see some lovely views of the island and coastline.

If skydiving on Rottnest Island is on your bucket list, then the team at Skydive Geronimo provide an exciting and heart-pumping experience, that you certainly won’t forget any time soon. Whether you choose to freefall for 20 seconds or 66 seconds, you’ll feel the effects long after you’ve stepped away from the plane.


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