How to go camping on Rottnest Island

Camping Rottnest Island

Every time I go to Rottnest I always regret not having more time.

This time though, we packed the tent and a few essentials and decided to try out the campground for a Rottnest Island holiday.

Rottnest Camping

Rottnest accommodation can be hard to get and often needs to be booked some time in advance.

While it’s not the most luxurious option the campground offers a convenient and relatively affordable way to stay overnight on Rottnest Island. For more tips on Rottnest Island see my Rottnest Island Guide here. The Rottnest camping site is located behind Bathurst Lighthouse and is 3-5 minutes by bike from the ferry terminal.

Even better it’s a quick stroll from Pinky Beach and The Basin.

Rottnest Camping

Camping Rottnest

What’s there

The campground has 43 sites, all of these are unpowered. There’s plenty of trees throughout the camp and most sites have shade for most of the day.

Site numbers 629-642 tend to be the sunniest ones and will be in direct sunshine for most of the afternoon.

Some sites have aluminium tables and benches. These can be shifted if needed but there’s not enough to go around for all campers.

We took the bare essentials as we only stayed for one night but I would recommend tables and chairs if you’re planning a longer stay.The campground has one camp kitchen decked out with sinks, BBQ stoves, kettles and toasters. There are also two free-standing BBQs on wheels that can be moved.

The main downfall is, is that there’s no fridge or cooking facilities apart from the BBQs. So bring an esky if you need to chill food and drinks. Ice needs to be bought from the supermarket at the Main Settlement.

Camping on Rottnest

Kitchen facilities at the Rottnest Campground

There’s one large toilet block with wheelchair access. There are good showers, laundry and communal clothesline.

Things to know before you go

Rottnest Island Quokka

Expect a few visits from some curious locals

All Rottnest ferry services allow extra luggage. Check your luggage in a the ferry terminal. We travelled with Rottnest Express from Fremantle B Shed.

This is a good option if you have lots of luggage as you can park right next to the check-in area and unload without having to carry your gear too far.

There are size and weight restrictions for luggage including for hand luggage that you can take on board. Check these requirements before you go. As a guide, each piece should not weigh more than 22kg and be larger than 800mm x 500mm x 400mm.

There are additional charges for extra luggage, sports equipment including bikes and surfboards as well as a surcharge for overnight stays.

The Basin Rottnest

Camping on Rottnest Island comes with the extra benefit that the amazing Basin beach is right on your doorstep.

Once you arrive on  Rottnest, you need to register at the Rottnest Island Visitor Centre with your booking reference number and photo ID.

All luggage is delivered from the main jetty to the drop off point at the campsite. Expect this to take 1-2 hours. Bicycles, surfboards and most other sports equipment is not delivered and needs to be collected and transported on your own.

On the day of departure, luggage is collected at 9 am from the campground pick up area.

Campsites cost $39 per night. These can be booked online here.

Hope this helps your holiday planning to beautiful Rottnest Island. Let me know in the comments below if you have any more camping tips for Rotto.

Save it for later

Camping on Rottnest Island

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  1. Suzy says:

    Thanks for the info. We love Rottnest day trips and would love to camp but the idea of dragging all our gear with us on the ferry then to the campsite is what has put us off. It is a good cheap way to get several days on the island though. Did you get many quokkas trying to get in your tent and belongings? I had them in my camera bags several times over the years!

    • Nina B says:

      I’ve been the same but it’s actually a lot easier than what it seems. If you take Rottnest Express from the B Shed you can pull up with your car and drop luggage off. Once you’ve checked in, it’s just a matter of transferring your luggage into the large containers at the ferry terminal and after that, it’s all done for you and gets dropped off at the camping ground.

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  6. ESter says:

    Good morning,

    My partner and I are looking at staying a night in at Rottnest Island. We would prefer to camp but are unfamiliar with what is available? Can you please advise of the camping grounds available in February and the prices please?

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