Perth’s favourite outing – John Forrest National Park

Perth's favourite day out - John Forrest National Park

If anyone asks me where to take overseas visitors in Perth, I say John Forrest National Park.

Not only is this the best place in Perth, if not the state, to get up close and personal with our favourite wildlife, the kangaroos, it also provides the perfect bush escape.

Established in 1900, after the state’s first premier, John Forrest National Park is West Australia’s oldest national park and remains one of Perth’s favourite day trip destinations.

Set among Jarrah and Marri Trees, most of the park remains in its natural state and is a top spot for walks and picnics.

John Forrest National Park Tavern

Perth's favourite day trip - John Forrest National Park

Kangaroos at John Forest National Park

First things first. John Forrest National Park is home to a group of very chilled out kangaroos – and a tavern. Surprisingly, the two go very well together in the Tavern’s beer garden.

Stroll to the back of the Tavern, which is located near the main picnic area and you’ll find the roos hanging out in the beer garden at almost any time of the day.

John Forest National Park

Also a regular at feeding time is this gorgeous Bandicoot. Usually, elusive and timid creatures, this little fella is happy to get amongst it with the kangaroos and is a pleasure to observe.

Natural Attractions

This is the kind of place where you get to climb boulders, jump over creeks, build cubby houses out of tree branches and generally channel the inner wild child.

John Forrest National Park Perth

Perth's favourite day out - John Forrest National Park

The park is home to two waterfalls – Hovea Falls and National Park Falls. Both are subject to rain falls but a very pretty sight when the water does cascade over the granite rock.

The 700 metre drop National Park Falls are located 1 km from the main picnic area and can be reached along the Railway Reserve Heritage Trail. Hovea Falls are an 800m walk from Jane Brook Dam.

The best time to view the waterfalls are from July to September.

John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park Walks and Bike Trails

John Forrest National Park walking trails

John Forrest National Park

John Forest National Park is home to some of Perth’s best walk trails.

The 15km Eagle View Trail is the longest of the hiking trails found in the park. The circuit trail offers plenty of spectacular city views as well as an abundance of wildflowers during spring.

To read more about the Eagle View Trail, find an excellent overview of the trail here.

There’s also the 2.2km Glen Brook Dam Walk and if you’d rather bike than hike, you can cycle along the 82km Railway Heritage Trail.

John Forrest National Park Tunnel

Swan View Tunnel John Forest National Park

The 340 metre long Swan View Tunnel was built in 1893 by West Australia’s Engineer-in-Chief, C.Y O’Connor.  Interestingly, until the sinking of the Perth’s railway in 2007, this was West Australia’s only ‘true’ railway tunnel.

The tunnel is part of the Railway Heritage Trail and can be walked or cycled through. Bring a torch, especially if you’re with kids, it’s eerily dark in there!

Picnics and BBQs

John Forest National Park Picnic

From the main turn off, follow the signs to the picnic area and you’ll find an abundance of beautiful spots with BBQs and tables.

Stroll down to Jane Brook Dam and find your place at the water’s edge or take up residence in one of the charming wooden huts. The huts offer shelter from sun and rain, so don’t let a drizzle put you off from a day out.

John Forest National Park

John Forrest National Park Wildflowers and Wildlife

John Forrest National Park is home to over 500 different species of wildflowers.  These can be seen in spring and include Banksias, Grevilleas, Blue Lechenaultia and Kangaroo Paws.

The park also has over 90 species of birds, as well as plenty of kangaroos, possums, bandicoots, reptiles and frogs.

For more information and a great list of events taking place at the National Park click here

Things to know before you go:

There is a $12 entry fee per vehicle to the National Park.

There is no camping at John Forrest National Park.

The only eating option is at the John Forrest National Park Tavern inside the park. The tavern serves alcoholic beverages as well as tea and coffee. There are also ample lunch and dinner options available that are reasonably priced and child-friendly.

Have you visited John Forrest National Park – what was your favourite things to do?

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13 thoughts on “Perth’s favourite outing – John Forrest National Park

    1. It’s an amazing spot for kids, they can climb up rocks, build awesome cubby houses, search for frogs and walk through the tunnel. Check out the list of nature-based events they have for kids during school holidays.

  1. Couldn’t agree more, its a great place for tourists & people looking to explore our home state. I remember walking through the tunnel when I was a kid – lots of fun xxx

    1. Hi Reni, next time you’re near Perth, it’s well worth making a trip to John Forrest National Park. It’s great for walks, picnics and for a visit to the pub. I went there a few weeks ago and we had a cheese fondue in one of the huts, camping style. I hope you’re enjoying Switzerland and that you’re getting a bit of sunshine there too.

      1. Hi Nina

        Will do. Thanks for the tip. And cool idea with the cheese fondue in one of the huts. Sounds like the perfect getaway for a weekend.

        Cheers, Reni

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