Perth’s Secret Garden

Secret Garden Perth

It may no longer be Perth’s best kept secret, but wander through the Careniup Wetlands and you truly feel like you’ve stepped into a secret wonderland.

Secret Garden Perth

Due to Covid19 the Secret Garden in Gwelup is temporarily closed. 

Located within hearing distance of busy Mitchell Freeway and bang smack in the middle of suburbia, the secret garden seems a word away from civilisation. Endlessly spreading ravines have covered  trees, dead branches and almost everything else insight to transform this swampland into a world fit for the fairies.

Secret Garden Perth

Secret Garden Perth

There are paths to follow, muddy banks to conquer, bridges to cross and ravine covered tree hollows to discover.

I could rave on, but it’s best if you go explore this little piece of magic yourself. It’s well worth the trip!

Find the Secret Garden on Careniup Road, Gwelup. 

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  1. Chantae says:

    I lived nearby for almost two years and never discovered this beautiful place! :O I will definitely have to go back and check it out sometime very soon. Love the pictures 🙂 it looks nothing like typical Perth!

    • Nina B says:

      Apparently those in the know kept it secret for a long time and it only got ‘discovered’ thanks to Instagram when photos started appearing of this magical place that was supposedly close to Perth.

  2. Anne says:

    It is a great little spot, I must go back there again.

  3. Reni says:

    Hi Nina

    The secret garden looks amazing. Looks like the perfect spot to go to escape the busy city. Hope to get there on our next trip… Can’t wait to come back to Australia.


    • Nina B says:

      Hi Reni, it almost looks more like Switzerland than Perth! I’m following your fabulous adventures and hope to meet you on your next trip to Perth.

  4. urbantutu says:

    I’m so going to check this out. We live in a beautiful part of the world.

  5. Pauletta Watson says:

    Just an update about the Gwelup Secret Garden. Due to the vandalism and destruction of the Secret Garden, the City of Stirling passed a motion last night to close the Secret Garden. The wildlife has disappeared, and the vegetation is being destroyed by the throngs of people who are flooding the narrow wetlands. Visitors to the area are hacking off the bamboo and creating dams and blocking the waterways, which is negatively impacting the water quality. Children are playing in the mud which is of concern from a health perspective due to the presence of acid sulphate soils.

    You may want to update your website with this information to save school holiday parents from making an unnecessary trip. It will be completely closed off by the City of Stirling and rangers will be patrolling the area for anyone who is trespassing.

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