The benefits of having a small caravan

Benefits of having a small caravan

Large caravans come with plenty of extras, but they can sometimes be inconvenient to own and operate. If you’re planning an off-road trip, a smaller caravan can be a lighter and more flexible choice, while still bringing you all the benefits of caravan living.

Depending on your needs small caravans can be a perfect choice, sacrificing unnecessary space for a more affordable price. Because of their reduced size and weight, small caravans also have unique advantages over larger models.

Easier to Tow

Small caravans are generally lighter and easier to transport than large caravans. Reversing, turning and parking can all be difficult with a large caravan. If you’re towing a large caravan down a small track, for example, you could be stuck for room to properly turn around and end up struggling to reverse out. This can be easier in a small caravan, which will give you a much tighter turning circle. Read up on some towing hints and tips for some handy towing information.

Towing a small caravan is also safer and easier than towing a large caravan. The lighter weight and smaller shape of a small caravan cause less drag. This means it’s less likely to wobble when travelling at high speeds. Small caravans are also less vulnerable to buffets of wind from passing cars and trucks, giving you more control and a safer drive.

More Economical

If the size of a large caravan is unnecessary, a smaller caravan can meet your needs in a more economical way. Small caravans will often come at a lower price while keeping many of the same features.

Although they may lack the internal space of larger caravans, small caravans are lighter and produce less drag while being towed, making them much better for fuel economy. This can not only save money and stress on your car over the long-term but also means you can travel further on a single tank of fuel.

Because of their generally lighter weight, small caravans can also be towed by a larger range of vehicles. This means you may be able to avoid buying or renting a powerful 4WD to tow your small caravan, as they can often be attached to a regular vehicle.

Small caravans are popular and come in a range of shapes and sizes. This wide range means you can more easily find a small caravan which will suit your budget and needs.

More Flexible

With their reduced size and weight, small caravans are a more flexible option when it comes to positioning at a campsite. Some small caravans come equipped with grab handles at the front and rear. Although it may take a few people to help, this can enable you to move your caravan by hand whenever you want. This allows you to position your caravan without having to turn on a noisy car.

The design of smaller caravans is also an improvement on their larger rivals. While large caravans normally follow a similar pattern, small caravans often have interesting and innovative ways to save space while keeping all the essentials.

Small caravans are also easier to store in carports or garages when not being used. This can also be handy when travelling. Many areas for sheltering and protecting your caravan can be too small for a larger, heavier caravan.

Small Caravan or Camper Trailer?

While a small caravan typically packs the benefits of a larger caravan into a smaller space, a camper trailer does have some distinct differences from these other camping options.

Like caravans, camper trailers normally have full sized beds and built-in kitchenettes. However, they may not be equipped with other features. Showers, built-in toilets and other amenities often found in caravans are not typically included with camper trailers.

Camper trailers can be a more flexible and economical option in relation to a caravan and are a great option for those who prefer the social aspect of camping with shared amenities. Whether you decide on a caravan or camper trailer, there are options to suit all camping preferences.

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