Where to go Stargazing in Perth

Perth Observatory
Image: Courtesy of Perth Observatory

Australia is blessed  with some of the darkest night skies in the world which makes for a pretty good reason to stay up late and mesmerise at the wonders of the universe above.

If you want to find out a bit more about distant galaxies or you’re a budding astronomer who wants to peek through an impressive telescope, then take a look at these places for a stellar experience.

Perth Observatory

Perth’s oldest observatory was first established on Mount Eliza 1859, which of course is present day Kings Park. These days you’ll find the observatory on Walnut Drive in Bickley observatory where a great team of very knowledgeable volunteers runs night tours throughout the week.

Take a peek at the universe through some seriously impressive telescopes, including the NASA installed Lowell Telescope which takes partial credit for the discovery of the rings around Uranus.

Also at the Observatory is a great museum and shop. Find more information about opening times and tours here.

The Space Place Observatory

Located in Julimar near Toodjay, the aptly named Space Place is an open sky observatory . This simply means that the telescopes are not housed in a dome. What you get though, are beautifully dark night skies thanks to the location and an array of telescopes to look through.

The guides at the observatory will help you understand the night sky and are on hand to answer all questions. Make a day of it, arrive early and have a picnic in the beautiful gardens.

Check out their website for special events and opening times.

Where to go stargazing in Perth

 Gravity Discovery Centre Observatory

The  observatory is part of the Gravity Discovery Centre which allows visitors to experience science in a hands on way. The observatory has plenty of state-of-the-art telescopes and welcomes visitors for night visits from Friday to Sunday.

The Observatory is located about 90 minutes drive from Perth centre, between Yanchep National Park and Gingin. Find out more about the observatory here.

Stargazers Club WA

If you’re into stargazing and you want to take your hobby further, join the Stargazers Club. Run by the wonderfully named Galaxy Girl, aka Carol Redford, the Stargazers Club runs a range of events throughout the year in some of the best stargazing locations around the state.

Events include BYO Telescope Class to help you get the most out of your telescope and plenty of events to coincide with some of the most spectacular astronomical events during the year.

Find out more here.

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13 thoughts on “Where to go Stargazing in Perth

  1. Awesome Nina, I’ve always loved star gazing. Some great spots you’ve listed here too. I’ve been out Toodyay way and love that country. Great to hear we have some of the darkest skies, and go the Stargazers Club!

  2. I’ve always wanted to visit the Gravity Centre up near Gin Gin, and you’ve reminded me that its not that hard to get there. Just jump in the car …

  3. I am planning to return back to Australia.
    Please recommend me the several places (towns) to settle down in W.A in order to see stars, living, etc.

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