Great books to read about Western Australia

Great books to read about Western Australia

Books are a wonderful way to escape to far-flung places and find out about exotic destinations. Equally, they’re also a great conduit to discover and understand the place that we come from.

With that in mind, here’s a list of some fantastic books set in Western Australia that will leave you with a new insight and perspective into this unique part of the world. Continue reading Great books to read about Western Australia

Perth’s favourite outing – John Forrest National Park

John Forrest National Park

If anyone asks me where to take overseas visitors in Perth, I say John Forrest National Park.

Not only is this the best place in Perth, if not the state, to get up close and personal with our favourite wildlife, the kangaroos, it also provides the perfect bush escape.

Established in 1900, after the state’s first premier, John Forest National Park is West Australia’s oldest national park and remains one of Perth’s favourite day trip destinations. Continue reading Perth’s favourite outing – John Forrest National Park

Skate into Winter

Cockburn Ice Arena

What’s the best way to celebrate winter in Perth?  You rug up and go ice skating.

Not only is ice skating an excellent workout, it’s also a great way to get a dose of the white winter feeling in Perth.  Feel the chill, skate under snowflakes and during school holidays there’s even the chance to build a snowman.

Perth has three excellent skating arenas, all offering skating sessions throughout the week and weekend. It’s not just a kids thing either, with something for all age groups. Continue reading Skate into Winter

Fremantle Heritage Festival

Fremantle Heritage Festival

The Fremantle Heritage Festival is one of my favourite festivals in Perth and epitomises everything I love about Freo. Taking place from 27th May to 6th June, the Festival celebrates the rich and colourful history of Fremantle, along with the cool, quirky and the slightly odd.

As always there’s an eclectic program of events on offer – ranging from walking tours, markets, live music events, exhibitions, visual displays and plenty of stuff in between. Continue reading Fremantle Heritage Festival

Things to see and do on the Indian Ocean Drive

Wedge Island Beach

The Indian Ocean Drive is a scenic coastal drive alongside the  turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. Constructed in 2010, the Indian Ocean Drive connects Lancelin and Geraldton with plenty of attractions along the way, including  the lunar like Pinnacle Desert.

Whether your destination is on the Indian Ocean Drive, or you’re heading further north, here are some of the best things to see and do along the way. Continue reading Things to see and do on the Indian Ocean Drive

Escape the city to Lake Leshenaultia

Lake Leshenaultia

Located near Chidlow in the Perth Hills, Lake Leshenaultia has an old world charm that offers the perfect city escape.

The lake is a perfect outing for a picnic with plenty of shaded areas, BBQ facilities, a swimming beach with pontoon, canoe hire and walking and cycle trails. Children are particularly well catered for, making this an ideal family destination. Continue reading Escape the city to Lake Leshenaultia

Travel through the night sky at Perth Observatory

Perth Observatory

Looking at the magnificent night sky, the inevitable question, is there anyone out there, pops into my head. Gazing at distant galaxies, planets, clusters and nebulae it’s almost impossible not to open your mind to the possibilities of the universe.

Tonight I’m at the Perth Observatory on one of their night viewing tours. After a long dark drive through the Bickley Valley, there’s something almost other worldly about standing on top of the hill at the observatory.  Surrounded by the white domes housing the  impressive array of telescopes and immersed by the millions of stars that make up the Milky Way, I feel a thousand miles away from the city. Continue reading Travel through the night sky at Perth Observatory