Swimming and Camping at Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Pool

Talk to anyone that grew up around Geraldton and the mid-west region and Ellendale Pool is likely to bring up nostalgic memories.  Ellendale Pool still conjures up images of farm kids swinging off ropes into the river, young men and ladies on first dates and families picnicking under the shady gum trees.

Located 45km southeast of Geraldton, this natural waterhole on the Greenough River  has played an important role in Indigenous and European history.

Today Ellendale Pool remains a popular spot for day trippers and overnight campers. You can swim or canoe in the freshwater pool beneath the red tinted cliffs or climb up to the rocky peak where the creek flows into the pool.

Swimming and camping at Ellendale Pool

This is a pretty spot if you’re looking for a bush setting.The colours of the gorge are spectacular early morning and there’s a nice walk trail along the river.  I’d probably avoid this spot during the heat of the summer as it is quite far inland and can get very hot.

Also note that there is a sign at the river’s edge advising of the possibility of bacteria in the river causing meningitis and there have been cases of contamination. Please be aware of these risks if you swim in the river.

Ellendale Pool

What’s there?

The camping area has space for large caravans and individual camping areas. There are several gas BBQs available as well as toilet facilities, a children’s playground and picnic tables and chairs. There is no drinking water or electricity available at Ellendale Pool.

The details:

    • Ellendale Pool is located on Ellendale Road, via the small town of Walkaway. There is a sign on Brand Hwy marking the turnoff for Ellendale Pool before you get to the historic town of Greenough. From this turnoff it’s approximately another 27km. The last section is on a red gravel road, this is suitable for 2WD and caravans.
    • Dogs are permitted on a lead.
    • Camping costs are $5 per night with a maximum of 3 nights  permitted.
    • Dump point


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3 thoughts on “Swimming and Camping at Ellendale Pool

    1. Hi Lee, have a good trip. I went a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it. Usually I just pass through or stock up on groceries but on the last visit I stayed a bit longer.

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