Bridgetown Accommodation – Glenlynn Cottages

Bridgetown Accommodation – Glenlynn Cottages


As soon as we veered of Southwest Highway and followed the signs to Glenlynn Cottages near Bridgetown I knew that I had found what I was hoping for. Like most of the Blackwood Valley area, Glenlynn is full sweeping vistas of green rolling hills, paddocks with roaming sheep, horses and what must be Bridgetown’s biggest dam.

First though, to get to our cottage, we had to get past the sheep. Lots of sheep and none seemed in a particular hurry to make way for a family sized sedan from the city. The two resident Alpacas were keeping a watchful eye on their herd from atop of the field. After plenty of curious glances and a few baas, the gravel road was cleared and we were free to continue along the winding path to our home for the next three nights.

From previous experience, the word cottage in WA is rarely a synonym with five-star accommodation. In the past, it has evoked visions of a rundown fibro bungalow with noisy plumbing, mismatched cutlery and duvet covers that were all the rage in the seventies but haven’t been upgraded since.

At Glenlynn Cottages, this, fortunately, was not the case.  Quite the contrary. Welcoming hosts, Tony and Bridget have been upgrading all four cottages and have ensured that each cottage is fitted out with everything that’s needed for a comfortable stay and a few luxuries to boot.


We particularly appreciated the heating blanket in the master bedroom  – they don’t call Bridgetown, Fridgeville for nothing as we were to experience the next day (Tip, bring a woolly jumper).

The cottages at Glennlynn are immaculately clean, even my mother and her fussy Swiss standards was impressed. Cordon Bleu-trained chef, Bridget made sure that the kitchen has everything to whip up scrumptious meals. There’s also a BBQ on the balcony, the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset.

Jo and Annes at Glenlynn Farm Cottages

There are plenty of things to love about Glenlynn but my favourite was the friendly farm animals. The fenced enclosure behind the cottages had the happiest animals you’ll encounter anywhere. Muriel and her gorgeous calf Massie, Bob the Emu, who despite his disconcerted stare turns out to be a rather jolly fella and Jo and Annes, the cutest goats in the southwest.

Walk by any time of the day and these go happy creatures come bouncing down the meadow to greet you.

Jo and Annes at Glenlynn Cottages
 Near the dam, Duck Betty is a constant presence, if she’s not near the water you’ll find her basking in the sunshine under one of the cottages.  There’s also a rather cute black-headed sheep who thinks he’s a dog, Tony and Bridget reckon he’d rather live indoors. I encountered him on an early morning job when the rest of the herd ran off the road in the opposite direction, this little guy came towards me for a pat.

Duck Betty at Glenlynn Cottages

Emu Bob at Glenlynn

Glenlynn Cottages

There’s a great picnic area by the dam, a top spot to enjoy a few hours to relax and listen to the sounds of nature and take in the magnificent views. The gazebo is equipped with a fridge, tables and a BBQ. Duck Betty will probably join the party too.

Picnic at Glenlynn CottagesSunset Glenlynn Cottages

There are three great lovely walk trails around the property of varying lengths. Perfect for bushwalks through the state forest to take in the scenery and if you come in spring, the wildflowers.

Located five kilometres south of Bridgetown, Glenlynn Cottages provide the perfect base to explore the region. Turn south on the highway and you’re in Manjimup in half an hour. Turn right and Bridgetown and the gorgeous Blackwood Valley lie on your doorstep.

For anyone looking for peace, serenity and an escape to nature, you’ll find it at Glenlynn.

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