Grab me Gear- A camp kitchen in a bag

GrabmeGear Camp Kitchen Kit

When I go camping I love things that are compact, cleverly thought out, portable and most importantly the knowledge that I haven’t forgotten anything.

That’s exactly what Grab me Gears camp kitchen is all about. 

As the name suggests, GRABmeGEAR is all about grabbing your gear and getting out the door so that you can enjoy the great outdoors with minimum fuss.Grab Me Gear

Everything except for table and esky came in the GRABmeGear canvas bag – Oh and Maurice on the left came in a caravan. 

The GRABmeGEAR Camping Kitchen kits take the mystery out of what to pack and are the perfect companion for any camper. When you leave for your outdoor adventure with a Camp Kitchen you can be sure that you have everything you could possibly need for eating and cooking – including the kitchen sink.

The GRABmeGEAR Camp Kitchens come in a few different setups or can be fully customised to your individual needs.  Best of all, everything comes in one convenient bag.

I was lucky enough to trial the Camp Kitchen 1 Pot Set. This is designed for four people but can easily be changed to suit any number. This is a full camping kitchen setup and includes gas burner, stainless steel pots, premium steel fry pan, cafe grade cutlery, plates, bowls, cups, pop up kettle and colander, cooking utensils and a full wash up kit.

As well as all the necessities, there are also the hard-thought out bits, like the WA made, environmentally friendly detergent, biodegradable paper towels, oven mitts, and a gourmet toolkit to elevate your camping meals from bland to ooh la la.


It’s all in the bag. If you leave with one of these you can be sure that you haven’t left anything behind. 

The thing I love about the GRABmeGEAR is that you can be certain that each and every item that goes into the kit has hours, if not years of thought behind it. The focus in on top quality products that are made to last.

GRABmeGEAR has been thought out with meticulous detail and only the best products have been chosen. Even the kitchen sponge underwent rigorous testing before the eco-friendly sponge was added to the bag.

GrabmeGear Camp Kitchen Kit

The only way you’ll want to have your eggs – in these nifty egg pods. 

The Camp Kitchen Kits come in a purpose-built canvas bag that is rugged and durable. The bag has straps and handles designed to be pulled and tugged no matter how often you use it. There are pockets inside and out for easy access to the most used items and the canvas Gear Mates keep everything organised and protected.

One thing to note is that when I say it’s portable, I’m not thinking about this camp kitchen fitting into a hiking bag. It does contain everything for a fancy camping outing and isn’t intended to only have the bare essentials. The bag weighs a few kilos and is best suited to a car camping trip. GrabMEGear does have customised hiking kits that are suited to backpacking activities.

The Camp Kitchen Kits can be bought as a pre-packed kit or you can build your own to suit your individual needs.

GRABmeGEAR is a WA based company and endorses environmental sustainability and community partnerships.

To find out more about GRABmeGEAR click here.

Grab me Gear

Disclaimer: this post was written for GRABmeGEAR. I was able to trial the Camp Kitchen Kit for a weekend camping trip, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Thanks to Belinda at Oakabella Homestead for lending us your photography skills.

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  1. Anne says:

    Love the egg pan! I have never seen one before.

  2. Lee says:

    What a great idea, I remember deliberating for such a long time on my first camping trip as to what to bring – this would take away from that leaving more time for fun!

    • Nina B says:

      Me too, I think I even forgot to bring matches to light my stove on my first trip and thought a yoga mat made a good bed. The Grabmegear is great, because someone else has done all the hard work in figuring out what you need and what you can leave at home.

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