Say hello beach with this awesome sand free Tesalate towel

Say hello beach with this awesome sand free Tesalate towel

Sand proof beach towel

It’s a tough gig being a beach towel in Perth.  First, there are countless sunny summer days to contend with. Then there’s the endless strip of pristine Perth beaches with their long stretches of soft white sand. Lastly, though, there’s the wind, that blows said sand into every orifice and finds its way into the deepest crevice of your beach bag.

Somehow it manages to get into every crack in the car and magically appears inside the house too. So what better place than Perth to test a towel that claims to be sand free.

Sand-free towel

That’s the premise of the Tesalate towel. Thanks to innovative engineering these towels repel sand. The sand slides right off the towel and doesn’t get stuck in the little nitty fibres like on a conventional towel. True to their claim, the towel takes one shake (and one more if the towel is wet) and the sand falls right off. The same goes for grass clippings.

Tesalate Towel

The fate of the humble beach towel in Perth – oodles of sand!

Tesalate towels are designed from a specifically engineered  AbsorbLite™ microfiber (80% polyester + 20% polyamide). This is not your regular microfiber towel and means that it’s possible to go home without taking the sandy beach with you.

The advantage for me is that I can take a shower to rinse off after a dip at the beach and dry off with the same towel minus all the sand that usually clings to it.

Vibrant designs

Sand free towel

Practicalities aside, the Tesalate towels come in a big range of fantastic designs. Trust me when I say it’s hard to choose only one. I opted for the Alchemist design to match the turquoise colours of the Indian Ocean but had a hard time choosing from all the other beautiful designs (see them here).

Even on the first beach outing with my new accessory, I had plenty of compliments just for the look of the towel. That was even before I started mentioning all the other features.

All Tesalate towels are double-sided, with a vibrant design on one side and the signature black and white pattern on the other.  So you practically get two towels for the price of one. The towels are also made to keep their durability and aesthetic making the last for many years.

Lightweight and compact

Sand free beach towel

Our new favourite beach accessory. The Tesalate sand proof towel (I wonder if it repels dog hair too!)

The Tesalate towels are a full-size beach towel (180 cm x 80 cm) but pack into a small, compact packet that can easily be rolled into a convenient black pouch. The towels are also made to absorb one litre of water and dry in half the time of a regular towel. Just think, no more soggy heavy towel to stash in the bag or the back of the car.

A big bonus for me is that the Tesalate towels are designed in Australia. The Aussie team behind Tesalate started selling their innovative towels at the Bondi Markets. As Paul Kelly’s song lyrics go, from small things, big things grow and the Tesalate towels are now available worldwide.

The only downside to the Tesalate sandless beach towel is that they don’t have the fluffy soft feel of a conventional towel.  They’re thinner than a normal towel and feel like something between a regular microfibre towel and a chamois cloth. The advantage though, it that they’re much lighter and can easily be wrapped around your waist like a sarong.

Excellent customer service

Towel that repels sand

I ordered my towel (after a hard choice choosing which one) and stretched out on the beach with new towel two days later. Perfect for those last minute gift ideas, you can be sure that you’ll receive yours no matter where in the world you are, in express time.

How much

The towels retail for $79. More than what I would usually spend on a towel but with their durability, good looks and the seriously practical aspects of the towel I won’t be looking anywhere else for a towel.

Check out the full range of towels and order here.

Disclaimer –  I was lucky enough to get a towel for free from Tesalate to try out for myself. The views and opinions expressed here are my own. You can read my full disclaimer here.

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